4 Things That Have Improved My Metabolism and Digestive Health

Date: Dec 3, 2022

I often talk about the importance of a sustainable routine in order to achieve sustainable results. This in essence, allows us to maintain that which we achieve through lifestyle habits that are doable.


In other words, if you can’t keep up with it, if it requires you to do something extreme, if you dread it; then it is not sustainable.


Some things that have helped me develop sustainable habits and maintain results over the years are:


1.Not counting calories or macros.


I love food too much and counting calories or macros takes the joy out of eating for me.


I am more into eating mindfully so typically when I’m satisfied, I stop eating. I rarely overeat but do indulge from time to time and I’m okay that.


To eat mindfully means to pay attention to how food makes us feel and signals our body sends about taste, satisfaction, and fullness.


I’m also mindful of my food choices and matching these (when I can) to my daily activities and properly fueling in order to nurture my muscles and sustain energy.


  • Maintaining a good balance of protein, carbs, and fats in every meal requires mindfulness/awareness and we don’t have to count in order to achieve this successfully. Now, allowing ourselves to be in the moment is just as important and some days we may have more of certain macronutrients in one meal without intending to. For instance, pizza or pasta night. If I know I will be having pasta for dinner, then I make sure my lunch is higher in protein and I only have carbs that come from vegetables rather than flours or refined ingredients. This is how I like to keep balance without having to restrict myself from the things I love. Not to mention, this approach also helps maintain our blood sugar balanced.


  • If I don’t move as much, then I don’t need the same calories/amount of food I do on a day I’m super active. Running 6 miles will burn more calories than other gentle flows and therefore eating the same exact way every day does not make sense. Another reason why I do not do meal plans. Will share more on this on future posts.


2.Prioritize quality


I’m all about quality of food. By quality, I mean a few different things.


  • Real food. I eat all kinds of food but for the most part, I rarely eat processed and if do, it’s of the best brands with the best ingredient.


  • Organic when I can. This way I can reduce the hormones, pesticides, and other potential chemicals entering my body.


  • I prefer fresh ingredients and homemade as much as possible so I can control how the food is cooked (amount of oil used etc.) and freshness of ingredients. I will not use an onion that is 3 days old, but “some” restaurants will. Fresh food= healthy gut. Food that’s been sitting around for a few days= indigestion, bloat, acid reflux, etc. (reason #2 why I don’t meal prep).


3.Constant movement


Moving around aside from our workout is key to keep our metabolism going. I avoid sitting for long periods of time, work standing, and walk around even inside my home as much as I can.


Not only is this beneficial to our physique, but also for our cardiovascular and mental health as well.


4.Not skipping meals


I never ever (unless out of my control) skip meals. First, I love food too much. But secondly, years ago I learned that going too long without meals caused me to have tons of anxiety (thus being less efficient at my work and make me highly emotional), back me up, and experience excessive acid reflux.


Paying attention to these signals my body was giving me was what I needed to get on a consistent schedule that hasn’t only improved my digestive health but also my metabolism and my relationship with food, as well.


This does require us to plan ahead. Now, while I don’t meal plan, I do make sure I am prepared for the next day. I don’t always do this to perfection, but I manage depending on my schedule.


I’m always busy in the mornings and early afternoons so I make sure I have easy to put together ingredients for breakfast or lunch. For instance, yogurt, fruit, and nuts, granola,  or shakes for breakfast. My breakfast prep time is usually 10 mins max. I make sure fruit or veggies are washed ahead of time and everything is organized in my kitchen in order to throw my meals together quickly the next day. Sometimes I make extra food for dinner the night before and have for lunch the next day. This is the only time I’m able to do leftovers without feeling bloated—1 day old.


Keep in mind that all I share is based on my experience after observing my body for years. What works or doesn’t’ work for me may not impact you the same way. For instance, you may not have an issue with eating food that’s 3 days old like I do. Maybe having a meal plan is the only way you can meet your goals and remain consistent at the moment.


Taking the time to observe our bodies and learn from it without judgement or guilt is a beautiful process that will change how our internal and external system functions. Take what you will and adjust according to your personal needs and lifestyle.


As always, it’s my pleasure to share with you and help guide you through your fitness and wellness journey.


Feel free to reach out anytime with questions, suggestion, or requests.