Core strength. Correct form. Energizing & balanced WORKOUTS.

VB METHOD combines the precision of pilates with the power of strength training in a gentle but challenging practice like no other.

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The Workouts

Curated to be the only fitness practice you’ll ever need

VB METHOD targets every part of your body with a range of tailored-made workouts to fit your goals. Think sculpting precision, functional strength, focused flows and athletic cardio, all while emphasizing core strength and technique.

Workouts vary from challenging full body to targeting individual body parts, so you can keep it fresh and give your body exactly what it needs. Most flows combine simple equipment with your own body weight to ensure you feel the burn.

No draining workouts or boring training here: tap into transformative results to feel stronger, lighter, and more connected to your body than ever before.


Improve functional strength with core-focused workouts.


Targeted workout quickies.


Reach a new level of fitness with full body workouts.


Train with purpose and intention through proper guidance.


Explore guides to help you maximize results.


Access workouts for any level of experience.


Keep it fresh with challenges, live classes and workshops.


Create a nourishing diet with delicious recipes.


Learn about your body with educational cues.

The Benefits. The Benefits. The Benefits.

look after it, learn TO CARE FOR IT, love it.

You only get one body: 

Experience VB Method. Experience VB Method.

Ready to get lean toned muscles in less time, without bulking or burning out?

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what makes VB METHOD different

Education is key

VB METHOD is designed to empower you through knowledge, helping you learn how and why to make sustainable lifestyle choices. Become completely in tune with your own body: understand how it moves, how it should be moving, and how it wants to feel.

All our workouts are mentally engaging and packed full of intentional cues, helping you understand where to focus your attention and which muscles you should be activating. The evolution you’ll go on, both mentally and physically, will be transformative. 

Less is more

We’re all about balance. It’s the cornerstone of our brand philosophy: we believe it’s the only way to achieve a sustainable lifestyle that actually lasts a lifetime. Stuck in a groove with your fitness routine? Access consistent, sustainable, energizing fitness without the burnout.

All our workouts are of extremely high quality, so you can feel the effects in less time when working out properly and effectively. With the VB METHOD, you’ll finally be able to reach your own body’s potential *without* doing excessive punishing, draining, or lengthy routines every week. 

Functionality first

VB METHOD is all about turning exercise into a lifestyle. It has to be realistic for your daily life, or it just won’t stick. All of our movements are functional, controlled, intentional and precise, with helpful cues to help you understand why you’re doing this movement and how it will help in your everyday life. We focus on muscle activation and stabilisation, in order to strengthen and tone EVERY muscle in your body.

Start your self-love journey

Self-love starts with acceptance and kindness towards ourselves first– so that all the other things we do to care for our health can have a healing and transformational impact. We believe that true self love is wanting to actually learn about and care for your body long term… not just working out to work out.

With VB METHOD, you’ll understand your body’s unique abilities, potential, and proper function. You’ll also learn you can do way more than you ever thought you could.

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What makes VB Method different?

VB METHOD isn’t just pilates. It combines traditional strength with pilates moves, principles and sculpting precision, to help boost your metabolism, build overall strength and lean muscles. All the workouts promote proper form, with emphasis on technique and precision so you actually get results. VB METHOD workouts are varied, so your body never gets bored!

How often do you post new workouts?

Two to four workouts are released every month. These include live classes which are recorded and posted on the app, so you can take advantage of these even if you can’t make it live! We currently have 450 + workouts available on the app.

What equipment do I need?

All you need is yourself and a mat, since all moves can be modified without equipment.
However, if you’re looking to intensify your workouts we do highly recommend equipment in order to properly activate and deepen muscle engagement. Our most used equipment:

VB METHOD bender ball
VB METHOD resistance band
VB METHOD ankle band
3lbs - 10lbs hand weights (heavier weights are optional!)
Ankle weights

Visit our Shop page for all the equipment you’ll need.

Are programs included with the membership?

Yes– we offer structured programs and challenges, and will continue to add even more to the platform.

Is it beginner friendly?

Yes! Most of our workouts are intense (in the best way!) but we offer cues so you can push further or ease back depending on your needs. Additionally, we have a BEGINNER section that has been thoughtfully designed for anyone new to pilates or fitness in general.

Is it safe to do VB METHOD while pregnant or postpartum?

Since this looks different for everyone, please check with your healthcare provider to understand what you should or should not do. Currently we do not offer specific pregnancy or postpartum focused programs, but do offer a prenatal-friendly section that may work for you depending on your unique situation. Be sure to read our notes and disclaimer on this section before you begin.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Results look different for everyone, which is why we encourage you to focus on the smaller details and the journey towards a healthier stronger you. Most members will feel more energized, strong and balanced within just a few weeks. If you're looking for specific aesthetic results, keep in mind that your habits and lifestyle will play a huge role in helping you succeed. Again, while everyone is different, with the right diet, combination of workouts, and lifestyle you can be sure to see results within weeks or a few months.

How often should I do VB METHOD workouts?

This highly depends on your goals and what else you're doing outside of VB METHOD. If you're really busy or doing VB METHOD as a complimentary routine to other workouts, then 3x a week for about 20-35 mins should suffice. If VB METHOD is your only movement practice and you're using it to get stronger and see specific results, then 3-5x a week for 30-45 mins is recommended.

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Can I use VB METHOD on my mobile phone?

Yes! We have IOS and Android mobile apps. You can also access the workouts via our website using your mobile device.

Can I watch videos on my phone or tablet without using an app?

Yes. Our website adapts to phone and tablet browsers, so you can watch our content anywhere!

What browsers are supported?

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Teacher Training

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VB Method teacher

Passionate about sharing your love for fitness with a community? Want to learn how to teach the signature core sculpting practice?

The official VB METHOD Athletic Mat Teacher Training Program is here. Add your name to the waitlist to be the first to know when our next cohort launches.

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