My Story

My Story

Exercise for me has become a therapeutic outlet. I first got into fitness in my early 20s, after a bout of heightened anxiety and panic attacks led me to take a step back and reassess my life. I realized that I was lacking balance – I worked too much and was not taking good care of myself – and something needed to change.  I started running and lifting weights which had a significant impact on my mental health.

When I discovered classical pilates a few years into my exercise journey, I fell in love. I learned to connect with my body in a way I never had before, relieving tension after years of back pain, while simultaneously building strength. Challenging myself to learn all of these new exercises that once felt impossible made me feel powerful and confident, which is why I’m determined to help others experience that feeling for themselves. 

After years of experimenting with different forms of movement, I’ve discovered that overdoing one type of workout method can lead to imbalance and leave us feeling drained while putting stress on our body or simply not produce results.

I found combining pilates techniques with high intensity low impact traditional strength movements is an antidote to those concerns. This diversified routine has allowed me to achieve the balance I’ve been seeking in my fitness practice. This is why I created the VB METHOD – an efficient methodology that provides results with no need to kill myself at the gym for hours trying to make my glutes bigger or forcing my body to look like someone else’s.

I’m Latin and back home in Puerto Rico a curvy figure is culturally idealized which is the exact opposite of my body-type. Growing up,  I internalized the messages telling me I wasn’t pretty or sexy enough, that I needed bigger hips or voluptuous glutes. Like most women, I know what it feels to obsess over what is perceived to be “wrong” with our bodies, rather than appreciating what we have. After much inner perspective work I learned to love my body as it is. I no longer give power to popular trends telling me I am less worthy. I focus on building strength while sculpting the figure I have.

My goal is to give women a sustainable option for pursuing health and fitness that allows them to achieve physical transformation by simply reaching their own bodies’ potential, thus feeling great in their own skin.

Today after coaching for over 10 years and working with hundreds of women with varying stories, cultural standards, physical builds, and genetics; I believe all women have the capacity to use fitness and a balanced lifestyle to help them love and care for their whole being. Self love starts with learning to accept where we are at any given moment. Once we learn to be kind with ourselves the habits we continue to build will have a truly healing and transformational impact.