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VB METHOD is a core focused practice that combines pilates sculpting precision with traditional strength techniques.

Cycling through these different methods helps to continuously challenge the practitioner, promoting lean, toned muscles in all areas of body, while also keeping workouts from getting monotonous. As with all of V's workouts, there is a great emphasis on core strength, with each practice involving detailed abdominal work that prioritizes proper form. The combination of pilates and traditional strength training is used not just to tone the body, but to strengthen and condition while challenging the practitioner to reach a new level of fitness.


VB METHOD workouts are a translation of the reformer on the mat + traditional strength movements. We focus on muscle activation and stabilization in order to strengthen and tone EVERY muscle in your body.

All workouts vary from full body to targeted body parts with an emphasis on core. Most flows include the use of simple equipment such as weights or other props along with your own body weight to help you strengthen and sculpt; leaving you feeling energized and balanced.


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